Sunday, March 1, 2009

my invisible mannequin

I've been trying to force myself to stay in my sewing room so i can get all my work done before the 8Th. i made 2 dresses today and i have no idea how. it is incredibly hard to drape when you don't have a dress form. i have to- try it on, pin, take it off, sew - over and over. i would probably do just about anything for a mannequin right now. or at least a human wiling to stand in my sewing room for a few hours. but id probably have to pay them and well. . .
so the dresses i made today are created from a tan duvet cover, and old tutu and 2 free boxed tanks and a ton of scrap lace. i was really inspired by coral and seaweed and sea creatures. i know the color is not reminiscent of that but the shapes are. i hope it looks good during the photo shoot. I'm really nervous about it. i personally am thrilled about my dresses. the only thing that I'm not satisfied with is that i only have black thread and right now i cant even afford to go buy thread. it looks a little off but I'm hoping i can add some decorative stitching and make it look like i used black on purpose. ahh to be poor, it forces you to be creative. so for all you crafters out there try this: leave all your money behind and go digging around for materials, you may just be surprised at what you can create.


  1. I'd help you out for free with the MANnequin thing, except I'm not sure how I look in dresses these days.

  2. two dresses in one day is loco! and tremendous. Do you want some leather scraps? I am trying to down size my operation...