Sunday, March 15, 2009

job hunting while blind

today has been a day of validation. i cant count how many comments i got today from people telling me that my designs are great and they think i am selling myself short. i think i will take this all into consideration and really re-think my prices. i have away tried to be as low as possible to draw in people almost to the point of not making a profit but maybe this was turning them off all along. this past month i have become more confident as a designer and really feel like i can make it. right now though i need to find a job and it isn't going to be easy without my glasses. I am sending my old glasses off to eye lenses direct to get 2 new frames i bought off eBay fitted with new prescription lenses. my current glasses are wonky and because i cant afford a new eye exam i have to send them in with the new frames to be scanned. for three weeks i will have to wait without glasses! OK i am not completely blind, but I'm not exactly coordinated without my glasses. i am not looking foreword to the challenge but perhaps it with make me appreciate my eyes that much more. it will be worth the wait for my awesome new frames. i am hoping that my new resume, my beaming personality ( thanks to fresh pot coffee) and my stunning attire will woo potential employers and they will beg me to grace them with my employment.

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  1. Good luck in your job search :)
    I hope you do o.k without your glasses too!
    Take care-