Sunday, March 15, 2009

resume, tea cups and sales

I made a sale today! all of my positive thinking and very low prices payed off. After i make a few more sales i will move my prices above breaking even and into the profit range ooh.
Today was a wonderful day filled with star wars movies, yummy pop corn, resume writing, cute tea cup making and a dinner party followed by vegan chocolate mousse pie. I think i did really well on my resume. i found a designer template and fiddled with it. i have some new exciting job experiences to add now that i am a board member of PCH ( Portland collective housing) and hopefully i will land a wonderful job full of possibility.
I'm most excited about my tea cups. i ordered some rub on stickers from and i bought some lime green tea cups from ikea to put them on. soon i will have a fabulous tea party. i love tiny sandwiches. so here are some pictures of my new tea cups and of my sold dress. goodnight!

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