Saturday, March 28, 2009

say what?

I'm gunna do a happy dance now :)

in celebration of all my good luck lately. . .

<-- (this squirrel is giving the thumbs up!)


i have been having such wonderful luck lately with being feature in blogs, being on the front page of etsy and people poking around in my store more. i want to reward one of my fans with a pair of custom made earrings similar to my "extinct but not forgotten" pair in my store. comment on this blog post with your favorite apocalyptic movie and i will throw every ones name into a hat after 2 weeks and pick our the winner. for a bonus the person who posts my favorite apocalyptic movie will win a custom hair fascinator made of lace, burlap and other findings ( it will be fantastic!). once winners are picked i will post the prizes (since one is custom i have to wait for a winner :) )

good luck!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

front page again!


after months of hard work marketing my store, working with Google analytics to improve my SEO, finding photographer and models and improving my overall designs i am finally being recognized. i have worked my butt off and it had paid off! i have been featured on 12 blogs and i was on the front page 3 times in 2 weeks! i am so very excited and proud and i cant wait to keep going! for all of you feeling unnoticed just think i have had my shop for over year without recognition. it takes hard work but hard work pays off!

i have a job!

minimum wage, part time caffeine dealer at star E rose cafe. need sleep too much coffee too much working tired but restless ugh brain no work must lay head down cant form words.........

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sali's funeral and hunters first show

this is what our family would if we were zombies. . . but don't be confused WE HATE ZOMBIES! I will not hesitate to decapitate any zombie. but if you wanna be a zombie check out the movie FIDO it rules!

last night hunter had her first show ! there was a folk punk show and tell at the black rose info shop. hunter played the recorder flute thing and danced to an accordion. other people showed their awesome treasures which included: teddy ruxby singing slayer, a furby, a giant purse which is also a clock, i picture of Jai In 3rd grade and the shirt she was wearing in the picture found by a friend at the goodwill bins. some people played music and there was general happiness going around. i love this town.

last weekend i went to Sali's funeral in Eugene. i was so nervous i thought i was going to be sick but after arriving i felt just calm. Sali's mother is such a positive force. she is genuinely caring and loving. a lot of old friends were there singing and dancing in memory of Sali. there was also a lot of her art displayed. as i was leaving several of my lady friends cranked up the jams in a car and began dancing in the street. it was wonderful. Certainly dancing with us then.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


i have no idea how i am going to pay rent. . .

Friday, March 20, 2009

R.I.P sali viva la bruja

in September of 2008 my friend Sali was found brutally raped and murdered in a secluded cabin near san jose del pacifico , Mexico. sali was a fearless warrior. she traveled alone, played the banjo, fought for justice and equality. sali is my hero. words cannot explain the grief we all feel for her loss. to me sali represents all that is good in the world. she was a truly genuine person. it is hard for me to look at her pictures or say her name without crying. every belly dancer, train spoke, animal bone and shiny object on the side of the road reminds me of her. i dream of her and her death and wake up shaking. she moves me. sali's funeral is this Saturday. it will be the first time i have met her mother. there are so many things i want to say to her but i dont know how. i want to tell her that her daughter is my hero. i want to tell her that her daughter changed so many lives. what a proud mother she must be.
there are so many feelings i have about sali's death. anger mostly. anger that Omar Yoguez Singu will probably serve a couple years and be set free, anger that people say she should have known better, anger that no one heard her screams. i think of that man and i wonder did he know sali? did he know her strength?would he have stopped if he did? why did he do this? i know sali fought back i know she would have never died lying down. i cant fight the images of her death. did she cry? did she beg? was she scared? i tell myself sali is a strong woman .sali would never die without a fight. sali is a fearless warrior. i want to imagine sali as that , a fearless warrior but those images keep coming back.
when i heard of salis death i was preparing for my daughters first birthday. i picked up the phone and my friend statcha said " i need to tell you something and you need to sit down, sali has been murdered" . i instantly fell to the floor sobbing and screaming. i have never felt to much grief. even when my own daughter passed i was sad yes, but i felt at ease knowing she died peacefully, knowing that she died safely and calmly and that i was here for her. with sali it was just pain. he murder was so brutal. no one found her for weeks. and for so long all i could do was read the news article over and over. how could the post her body on the Internet. the blood , the weapon, that man. those images haunt me.
she has forever changed our lives. i dont want sali to see us all greiving though. i know sali would want us to be dancing and smiling. sali did more in her short lifetime than most people do in their whole lives. lets all take a moment to remember sali and enjoy the life we have. make every moment count and never back down. i love you sali, i miss you and i will never stop fighting.

**story of sali's death:

**sali's memorial website:

**blog about sali:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

i need your help!

i am in dire need of fabrics. being the poor mama i am i can not afford to go out and buy shiny new fabrics and have run out of my current supply of found wonderfulness. i am doing some photo shoots soon and a runway show in the summer and i need fabric to start my collection. if you have scrap fabric, old dresses, an awesome curtain ,anything! i would love to have your donation. i can maybe pay a bit for shipping but i would love to trade for something i make for you. i will also credit you wherever your fabric appears as a benefactor.
fabrics i am looking for:
jersey, silk, organza, anything soft and silky and flowing and also any leather!
colors: Grey, white, orange, yellow, turquoise, royal purple and red and tribal prints!
also tulle and lace of any kind!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I made it!

it seems i am am finally getting some recognition and i am so excited. most etsiers want to be on the front page and i got on two days in a row. it even generated a few sales for me too! luckily i had just fixed my prices thanks to help from fellow eco-etsier because of the past few sales i have almost enough to get my GED woo hoo! well, I'm off to go sketch some new designs but no sewing for me until i get my glasses back!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

interview with an indie fashion junkie

I've been scouting the inter-web for some of the biggest indie fashion junkies and getting their opinions on what is HOT for spring. for the first of this series i interviewed a fashion expert from my myspace : and blogger:

1.what is your personal style?
My personal style is always subject to change. I love clothes that makes me feel special. If I had to put myself in a category, I'd say it would be mix between hippie and grunge. I am a slave to vintage, and am heavily addicted to flannels. Shoes make the world go round', and hats are my favorite accessory!

2.what are you predictions for the next trends in spring?
My predictions for Spring/Summer 2009 would definitely have to be bright (Not neon), clean colors and earthy hues. Red has penetrated almost every fashion sphere: clothes, accessories, shoes. It is seen everywhere and in various tones. It will probably influence every look, accessory and style of the other seasons, soon taking over as a cult color. Green was extremely popular with designers this season. The hue is strong but, at the same time, attractive and extremely chic. Gold, but mostly for accessories, such as shoes, belts or handbags (purses and pochettes). Golden accessories look exceptionally luxurious and can be worn with elegant beige or black dresses. Gold color is highly fashionable and reflects and complements a woman’s natural sparkle. Bright yellow and orange are more appropriate for summer, and express the positivity and joy of the strong, determined and confident woman. Who is sure of herself, and her surroundings. She is aware of the fact all the eyes are drawn to her. White is expected to make a major comeback, considering the Little White Dress. But more importantly, shoes will be more than fun to play with. Chunky shoes are definitely in! Booties and ankle boots are still a must. And the shoe every woman should own, Mary Jane's are Sid to turn heads. With stellar colours. Accessories are still a must, and my fave as of now are feathers and headbands. Oh, and chunky necklaces!!!

your top 3 indie designers?
top 5 indie designers are:

- The Beautiful Ones
- Josh Goot
- Jeffrey Campbell
- Mika Michida
- Julia DeVille

and your fav new up and coming designer?
My fave is a toughie it would have to be either Mika Michida, because her magnificent collection of eye-catching creations, seems to be leading her own unique path. With Eco-friendly fashions and innovative designs, the label has made quite a entrance. Or The Beautiful Ones. Argentina has been on the rise in the fashion world for quite some time now, so it should come as no surprise that yet another has emerged from the shadows. The Beautiful Ones have created an amazing collection, and it is only a matter of time before we begin saying they're name exclusively.

**i have to agree with indie fashion junkie mika michida is amazing. my obsession with birds and nests and clean colors combined. stunning!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

job hunting while blind

today has been a day of validation. i cant count how many comments i got today from people telling me that my designs are great and they think i am selling myself short. i think i will take this all into consideration and really re-think my prices. i have away tried to be as low as possible to draw in people almost to the point of not making a profit but maybe this was turning them off all along. this past month i have become more confident as a designer and really feel like i can make it. right now though i need to find a job and it isn't going to be easy without my glasses. I am sending my old glasses off to eye lenses direct to get 2 new frames i bought off eBay fitted with new prescription lenses. my current glasses are wonky and because i cant afford a new eye exam i have to send them in with the new frames to be scanned. for three weeks i will have to wait without glasses! OK i am not completely blind, but I'm not exactly coordinated without my glasses. i am not looking foreword to the challenge but perhaps it with make me appreciate my eyes that much more. it will be worth the wait for my awesome new frames. i am hoping that my new resume, my beaming personality ( thanks to fresh pot coffee) and my stunning attire will woo potential employers and they will beg me to grace them with my employment.

resume, tea cups and sales

I made a sale today! all of my positive thinking and very low prices payed off. After i make a few more sales i will move my prices above breaking even and into the profit range ooh.
Today was a wonderful day filled with star wars movies, yummy pop corn, resume writing, cute tea cup making and a dinner party followed by vegan chocolate mousse pie. I think i did really well on my resume. i found a designer template and fiddled with it. i have some new exciting job experiences to add now that i am a board member of PCH ( Portland collective housing) and hopefully i will land a wonderful job full of possibility.
I'm most excited about my tea cups. i ordered some rub on stickers from and i bought some lime green tea cups from ikea to put them on. soon i will have a fabulous tea party. i love tiny sandwiches. so here are some pictures of my new tea cups and of my sold dress. goodnight!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

prima apocalyptica

Ever since my photo shoot i have felt like i finally found my calling , like i finally have a place. mike uploaded some more pictures and i just get giddy every time i look at them. it is so amazing how a model and photographer can take your design and turn it into something so much more. when i create my designs i see this vision in my head and without the model and photographer i would never be able to get that across. OH! I've come up with a name for my new collection :Prima Apocalyptica. i like it.
lately i have been cruising google looking for grants for fashion designers. there really aren't many of them out there but I'm still going to apply to them all. i sometimes wish i would have had the confidence to do this so many year ago. but, everything happens for a reason and without my life experiences my designs probably wouldn't even be a fourth of what they are now.
in other terrifying news i was in Fred Meyers grocery store yesterday and let go of my daughters hand for literally one second only to turn around and she was gone. i started screaming. i have never been so scared in my life. luckily she was hiding around the corner. i swooped her up and gave her a huge bear hug. she is NOT allowed to walk in stores again. I'm strapping her tightly in the ERGO next time. but on the upside a woman in the store said to me with a grimacing look " you look too young to be her mom, what are you sixteen or something" and i retorted "at least when I'm your age ill look twenty right?". it felt good to defend myself and zing some jealous woman after so many ugly stares , snickers and rude comments. seriously! i am 22 i have been with my partner for 5 years. we planned this child. people like that don't care about the facts though. they are self loathing reptiles.
well,enjoy the pictures!

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Monday, March 9, 2009

high as a kite

i had an amazing day yesterday. the photo shoot went far better than i expected. the models Aimee and Genesey were great, the photographer mike was great and my designs looks fabulous on the models. it felt exhilarating to be called a designer and to see my designs on real models. i can definitely do this for the rest of my life. I'm pretty confident my portfolio will get me the scholarships i need to succeed. mike will be working on the photos for the next few weeks, we did a few shots that need to be photo shopped together because we made the models into twins and triplets. it should be interesting.
as of right now through donations and my own savings i have enough to get my id and birth certificate and half of what i need for my GED. thank you to the two very generous folks who donated, i cant even begin to thank you enough.
so here are a few samples of the first shots in the photo shoot. the model is wearing all my designs except the shoes. long feather and leather earrings, black felt tank, cream tutu, tan leather wavy corset belt. some of these you can find on my etsy at and if you want to see more photos from the photo shoot check out the photographers website at under the gallery sproutmama.

Friday, March 6, 2009

we suck at bowling but we rule at life!

Wednesday was me and my partners 5th anniversary. wow how time flies! we didn't get to celebrate that night so today we dropped hunter off at the sitters and headed off on our date! on our way out we were pleasantly surprised my our anniversary gift in the mail, awesome transient bag hip pouches! check em out at of course we wore them right away! we biked over to new seasons for some yummy snacks and then on a whim decided to go bowling. yes , i know we act like old people but we love it. after that we headed off to overlook park for a picnic and to watch the trains. after that i was pretty inspired and full of yum so i went into my sewing room and make some lovely things. i managed to sew a lace dress and 4 pairs of earrings in about an hour and half. I'm really a last minute kind of person. i make all my best stuff right before i need it done.
on a whole other note Rosie O'Donnell purchased an art card from my store and i was featured in 3 treasuries on etsy this week. what a great week for me!
here are some pictures of our co-ops pizza night, hunter with a mustache and us bowling our worst game ever.
if you want to be inspired Google skin graft designs. you will be amazed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

help hollis get home

Holli Hawthorne, 31, born and raised in Nashville, TN where she graduated fromAntioch High School in 1996 and Western Kentucky University in 2002 is fighting for her life in the little known town of Pondicherry, approx. 3 hours South of Chennai,India.The victim of a motorcycle accident 5 days ago during a planned month long vacation with boyfriend Harrison Bartlett, of New York, Holli lies in a deep coma in this small rural community that is unable to provide her with the help she needs. In a part of the world where ambulance services and adequate hospital facilities do not exist, Harrison who was riding a separate bike and not involved in the accident, immediately began CPR on Holli for 20 minutes before someone stopped and offered to help.
Carefully placing her in a van while still performing CPR, Harrison and several people of German nationality began a desperate search for anyone who could help keep
Holli alive. A clinic turned them away because they were unable to do anything for her. Another provided bandages but did not have the facilities to help any further. A third stop brings us to where she has spent the last several days, in a small medical facility, in Pondicherry, India, in a deep coma.

This is the story that began to unfold in bits and pieces during frantic phone calls in the middle of the night to Holli's mother, Diane Allison, in Nashville. Diane and her sister, Joy Willis of Mississippi, immediately made arrangements to fly to India and have been at Holli's side since arriving there Saturday afternoon. Holli's condition...stable, and very
critical. Today, after two days of not being able to move her, arrangements were made by the Indian military to transfer Holli to better medical facilities and was relocated to Apollo Hospital in Chennai where they aggressively began running test to evaluate Holli's condition. horrible as it all sounds, the one true saving grace is that God did give Harrison the strength to keep our daughter alive, and for this we are truly grateful. The next step is to med-evac Holli to Stanford University Hospital in California where she will receive the medical attention she desperately needs.The "Help Holli Get Home" blog link below is to provide a way for those who would like to help, to do just that. As I understand it, the expense to fly Holli home is going to cost approx. $150,000, and over $11,000 of that amount has already been collected in under two days. Holli's family will do whatever it takes to get her home, but we do need a lot of help. Please forward this to anyone you know who may want to help bring Holli home.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

my invisible mannequin

I've been trying to force myself to stay in my sewing room so i can get all my work done before the 8Th. i made 2 dresses today and i have no idea how. it is incredibly hard to drape when you don't have a dress form. i have to- try it on, pin, take it off, sew - over and over. i would probably do just about anything for a mannequin right now. or at least a human wiling to stand in my sewing room for a few hours. but id probably have to pay them and well. . .
so the dresses i made today are created from a tan duvet cover, and old tutu and 2 free boxed tanks and a ton of scrap lace. i was really inspired by coral and seaweed and sea creatures. i know the color is not reminiscent of that but the shapes are. i hope it looks good during the photo shoot. I'm really nervous about it. i personally am thrilled about my dresses. the only thing that I'm not satisfied with is that i only have black thread and right now i cant even afford to go buy thread. it looks a little off but I'm hoping i can add some decorative stitching and make it look like i used black on purpose. ahh to be poor, it forces you to be creative. so for all you crafters out there try this: leave all your money behind and go digging around for materials, you may just be surprised at what you can create.