Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sali's funeral and hunters first show

this is what our family would if we were zombies. . . but don't be confused WE HATE ZOMBIES! I will not hesitate to decapitate any zombie. but if you wanna be a zombie check out the movie FIDO it rules!

last night hunter had her first show ! there was a folk punk show and tell at the black rose info shop. hunter played the recorder flute thing and danced to an accordion. other people showed their awesome treasures which included: teddy ruxby singing slayer, a furby, a giant purse which is also a clock, i picture of Jai In 3rd grade and the shirt she was wearing in the picture found by a friend at the goodwill bins. some people played music and there was general happiness going around. i love this town.

last weekend i went to Sali's funeral in Eugene. i was so nervous i thought i was going to be sick but after arriving i felt just calm. Sali's mother is such a positive force. she is genuinely caring and loving. a lot of old friends were there singing and dancing in memory of Sali. there was also a lot of her art displayed. as i was leaving several of my lady friends cranked up the jams in a car and began dancing in the street. it was wonderful. Certainly dancing with us then.


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