Tuesday, April 28, 2009

weird dreams

dream 1: i was in the light rail train going out somewhere with hunter. as i was getting off she runs back on and the door closes and the train pulls off. i start panicking since i don't know how to get her back. a friend of mine tells me that if the CPS gets to her first they wont give her back until i pass all these tests which sometimes takes years. so i spend the rest of the night running trying to catch up to the train.

dream 2: I'm at a house and i break some sort of water pipe that causes the whole house to flood. Bryan keeps calling me stupid

dream 3: I'm going o a porn shop to buy a video camera and something else i don't remember. i am friends with the store owner and she lets me look at other customers files. i pull out the file that looks the biggest and when i open it , it is pictures of my family, me and my sister. i am all freaked out at first because i think it is my dads file. then i realize it is my sisters. at first i was concerned she was a porn addict but then i remembered she sells dildos for a living.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

wedding bells

hay everyone ! i have been so busy working that i almost forgot to tell you all that Bryan and i are finally planning our wedding. we have $500 to spend and only a few months ( we are aiming for august). we have decided to have the ceremony at voodoo doughnuts here in Portland http://voodoodoughnut.com/weddings.php . afterward, we will be having a potluck/ BBQ in the park. we have a lot to do but i am hoping it will all come together. first i have to find someone to help me design/print wedding invitations that i hope to have sent out by the end of may. next i need to find a tattoo artist willing to tattoo our rings on at the ceremony. finally i need to make my dress EEK! i don't even know when i will have time for this. maybe if we have extra i will buy a dress from frocky jack morgan, a local Portland designer. i love her dresses. so hurray for our wedding! hunter is finally big enough, i have an id and we have a little bit of moolah! I'm feeling good these days :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

lalala and a hahaha

lately my life has been filled with coffee slinging and fabric collecting. i haven't actually had any time to sew so i have been browsing the local free boxes and hoarding fabrics to use later. i have a Lot of visions in my head which i hope will come to surface one day. i have been talking to my mom, who is an amazing crocheter, about getting her to sew a bunch of doilies for me to use in some gowns. i really love crochet lace and the way it looks on bright silks, in my head at least. my ideas for my summer ( since I'm too late for spring) line are summed up in these words
pine cones
tea bags
honey combs
gold beads
it may not make any sense now but wait a few month and be dazzles...i hope :)
here are some amazing photos to be inspired by!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

And the winners are. . .

hay everyone,
i almost forgot to announce the winner of the giveaway. I have been working a lot lately and completely forgot about my super awesome giveaway. thanks to random.org i was able to generate a winner of the "extinct but not forgotten" earrings. CONGRATULATIONS to jodes at http://ontheflume.blogspot.com/ . You won a custom designs pair of earrings. i cant wait to make them! and for the winner of the hair fascinator. No one guessed my favorite post-apocalyptic movie 'a boy and his dog'!!! so i have to go with the runner up is marysgranddaughter at http://marysgranddaughter.blogspot.com/ !!! yay for Mary she guessed my all time second favorite and most inspiring post apocalyptic movie mad max 2 :road warriors. though some of you said mad max i am not all that fond of the first movie road warrior is my fave of the 3 part series ( I'm not saying trilogy because i know there are star wars fans out there reading and god forbid. . .). so i hope you all enjoy your designs i will post them once they are made. happy eggs and bunnies day! and to all the ones who entered but didn't win keep coming back, i will be having another giveaway soon!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

save the bees!

Maybe don't try this...

Maybe don't try this...

Only about 1,300 plants are grown for foods, spices, textiles, beverages and medicine. Of these, over 1,000 or almost 75% are pollinator dependent. Without pollinators, these items would be hard to come by. If you think you can do without them, guess again! Things like blueberries, chocolate, coffee, almonds, apples, bananas and potatoes all rely on the hard work of pollinators.

Over $40 billion of the US economy is created by pollinating insects such as bees. We are in for some serious food shortages and economic hardships if we don’t help the bees.

Aside from the economic impact, consider that almost 90% of all flowering plants rely on pollinators. Our world would not be as beautiful without the work of bees and other pollinators.

Pollinator conservation is at the core of sustainable agriculture. Each and every one of us is profoundly impacted by the work of pollinators. However, this is often overlooked. Reading this and taking the few small steps outlined below are a great start in helping the bees and all of our pollinating friends!

1) Create a pollinator friendly garden: This doesn’t need to be too fancy, just a few native plants that provide nectar for pollinators is a good start. If possible, create nest boxes for solitary bees. Supply water make sure you don’t treat your flowers with anything that will harm pollinators. For more information on creating a pollinator garden, click here.

2) Stop Pesticide Use: One of the main hardships pollinators are facing is the widespread use of pesticides that are toxic to them. Integrated Pest Management is a great way to curb pesticide usage. Whenever possible, plant flowers instead of grass.

3) Support Organic: Supporting your local, organic farms is a great way to help the bees. Organic farms are a great place for bees and pollinators to forage for nectar without being exposed to toxic pesticides.

4) Educate: Let everyone know how important bees and pollinators are. Teach your children to respect pollinators and explain to them the important role they play in our fragile ecosystem.

5) Hive Relocation: If there is a hive in your area that someone is going to destroy, contact a local beekeeper first to see if they will safely relocate the hive.

6) Get Active: Join one of the many great organizations working to help SAVE THE BEES™!

· Xerces Society


· Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium

· Heifer International

Friday, April 3, 2009


hay everyone i made an indie swap group on flickr for all you indie/swap-aholics. check it out!