Tuesday, April 28, 2009

weird dreams

dream 1: i was in the light rail train going out somewhere with hunter. as i was getting off she runs back on and the door closes and the train pulls off. i start panicking since i don't know how to get her back. a friend of mine tells me that if the CPS gets to her first they wont give her back until i pass all these tests which sometimes takes years. so i spend the rest of the night running trying to catch up to the train.

dream 2: I'm at a house and i break some sort of water pipe that causes the whole house to flood. Bryan keeps calling me stupid

dream 3: I'm going o a porn shop to buy a video camera and something else i don't remember. i am friends with the store owner and she lets me look at other customers files. i pull out the file that looks the biggest and when i open it , it is pictures of my family, me and my sister. i am all freaked out at first because i think it is my dads file. then i realize it is my sisters. at first i was concerned she was a porn addict but then i remembered she sells dildos for a living.


  1. Those are some great dreams! I've been having lots of crazy dreams lately too... :)

  2. interesting! i love telling/hearing dream stories. the unconscious mind is so amazing.