Thursday, April 16, 2009

lalala and a hahaha

lately my life has been filled with coffee slinging and fabric collecting. i haven't actually had any time to sew so i have been browsing the local free boxes and hoarding fabrics to use later. i have a Lot of visions in my head which i hope will come to surface one day. i have been talking to my mom, who is an amazing crocheter, about getting her to sew a bunch of doilies for me to use in some gowns. i really love crochet lace and the way it looks on bright silks, in my head at least. my ideas for my summer ( since I'm too late for spring) line are summed up in these words
pine cones
tea bags
honey combs
gold beads
it may not make any sense now but wait a few month and be dazzles...i hope :)
here are some amazing photos to be inspired by!

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  1. Hi my name is charles. I came across your painting of the African women and think it's great. The transition from dark to light in the background was worked fluently. great work. I go to art school to study illustration and also have a blog.. check it out