Friday, March 6, 2009

we suck at bowling but we rule at life!

Wednesday was me and my partners 5th anniversary. wow how time flies! we didn't get to celebrate that night so today we dropped hunter off at the sitters and headed off on our date! on our way out we were pleasantly surprised my our anniversary gift in the mail, awesome transient bag hip pouches! check em out at of course we wore them right away! we biked over to new seasons for some yummy snacks and then on a whim decided to go bowling. yes , i know we act like old people but we love it. after that we headed off to overlook park for a picnic and to watch the trains. after that i was pretty inspired and full of yum so i went into my sewing room and make some lovely things. i managed to sew a lace dress and 4 pairs of earrings in about an hour and half. I'm really a last minute kind of person. i make all my best stuff right before i need it done.
on a whole other note Rosie O'Donnell purchased an art card from my store and i was featured in 3 treasuries on etsy this week. what a great week for me!
here are some pictures of our co-ops pizza night, hunter with a mustache and us bowling our worst game ever.
if you want to be inspired Google skin graft designs. you will be amazed.


  1. Congrats on the anniversary! And there's nothing wrong with bowling. It's fun and cheap.

    What's it like selling merchandise to a celebrity? Do they use P.O. Boxes?

  2. hunter is a wee wee french man.