Sunday, May 3, 2009

wedding wedding wedding ahhh!

so i have been vigorously planning our wedding on a very tiny budget with much success! we have $500 dollars ( not in hand mind you we are still saving but hope to have this much haha!) to throw the wedding and we are doing great so far! we booked the location at voodoo donuts for $200. we gave them the $50 deposit and will pay the rest later. voodoo donuts also offered to make out cake tower out of donuts of course! my sister so very generously offered to make the invitations. she is amazingly crafty! i found a few photographers on craigslist who are interested in working for free, i just have to narrow it down. now all we have left is the wedding certificate of course, my dress ( I'm saving my tips for a frocky jack morgan dress!), Bryan's tux ( he could care less what it looks like lol) , the decorations, a band, a tattoo artist (who we will visit after the ceremony for our ring tattoos) and last but not least i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to have a fliptography booth at our wedding ( but it costs $300 big ones! if anyone is interested in donating decorations, tattoos, a frocky jack Morgan dress, a tux or a fliptogrpahy book i will not protest! well, wish is luck! i think it will be awesome and i am so very excited!

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  1. Sent you an email about Fliptograpy at your wedding to the address on your blogger profile.

    -MJ (owner of Fliptography)