Wednesday, February 25, 2009

crooked bangs, stiff neck

i finished my first shoot and got the pics back. i still have 2 more to do. i'm super excited about the next 2 because i wont be modeling. i have 3 models who will be doing that for me. here is the results of the shoot! i listed some of it for sale on my etsy


  1. these are beautiful:)

    my name is andrea, i'm 18 and want to be a graphic designer. i've thought about fashion but found it too difficult so you truly inspire me. i'm looking for friends for my blog. feel free to follow mine if you like :)

  2. Best wishes to you in your endevours. I imagine it is a very tough industry to break into.

  3. Love the photos!! The background looks great!! Only thing I noticed is on your item descriptions on etsy your photos look blurry. That's beacuse you didnt upload big enough photos, and etsy just makes it bigger to fit, so your photos get blurry. And your photos are so awesome!!

    I'm 26 and have a 1 year old son so I know what you mean about getting time to do your craft :) It's hard to do!! Love your blog :)