Friday, July 10, 2009

crazy town

so we moved! we have a new house that is amazingly beautiful. it is big, clean, bright and kid friendly. i started a play group for rad families at my work and i am working on coming up with ideas to save STAR E ROSE. i need to take pictures. i have been so chaotic lately. oh and ive been baking the shit out of pies.
still open for penpals. . .

and art exchange buddies. . .


  1. Wonderful ! Baking pies yummy !
    I would like to be pen pals my email is

    Hey I have a blog give away, check it out !

    I need to re-arrange my place it is feeling very stagnant.

  2. Sprout,
    I really miss you. I had a dream about you last night. I'd love for us to write letters. My address is 1712 Ward St. Apt. B, Berkeley, CA 94703.

    Love and kisses,

  3. My eyes are bright eyed open and sleepless. I was sneeking a peek at a you.I finally got over my irrational fear of traveling with a baby, plus Ari just turned one... maybe we could meet halfway sometime when our lives aren't filled to the brim with busy.

    I have limited time and unlimited stress, and a real need for penpals, especially rad mamas with rad baby-loves.

    here's my address
    1213 V St apt #5
    sacramento, ca 95818

    or for lazy days and easy hellos.