Wednesday, June 10, 2009

finally time to write!

i have had quite a few days off lately, yay! it has been overwhelmingly nice to have time to sew, hand out with hunter and play dress up. this week we went to the zoo, i sewed a skirt and a dress, we went to parks, we went out to eat twice and i finally bedazzles my ballet flats.
Bryan made me pose for some pictures because he said i should be proud of what i make and work it lol. i love that boy. we have had some issues lately but he will always be my BFF. i think moving out of our current house will really help us. we need space and calm. our house is filled with passive aggressiveness and pent up frustrations. it is thick in the air.
i have started studying for my GED. i really want to pass with flying colors, and i cant afford a do-over. i take the test in September. woot!
in other news i bought Bryan some bonch chap stick for men. i found it at . these guys are hilarious and amazing. check em out!
i really want some more pen pals so if your out there and love artsy fartsy pen pals lets get together!

PS: does taking pictures of my shoes make me a hipster?

pps: yes my rooms messy i have a toddler get over it


  1. Your room looks cleaner than ours at the best of times. :P

    Cute shoes! (I don't think it makes you a hipster... actually I'm not entirely sure what that term means. Maybe it's a US thing?)

    And good luck with your test!

  2. At the risk of being creepy; I've been following your blog for a few months and I would love to be pen pals!

    my email is if you're interestedd.

  3. Hi :)

    Sorry I haven't been around in a while, it's been kind of busy and hectic here. But I finally got the fabric from my boyfriend :) And, if you would email me your address I can send it out to you!!

    pattieynm [at]

  4. Hey!
    I just found out your blog and I think you have some great ideas!
    I'm a fashion designer, well i'll be in two weeks, so if you want we could chat and exchange some opinions about art and fashion ;)

    have a nice day!